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"I completely renewed my wardrobe, but most importantly, I have a boyfriend!"

Betty Otieno, 30 years old, Mombasa

I’m only 30 years old, but recently I weighed over 80 kg. At the same time, I had a lot of stomach problems, so not all diets were suitable for me. And try to find healthy dietary products in our small town. I’ve never liked exercising, even as a child. Somehow, we didn’t fit together. But all that changed when I found out about Slim Tea. It’s a tea with a great taste that should be drunk at least twice a day. The manufacturer still recommends drinking 1.5 liters of water a day. Within two months, I followed the instructions, and my hopes were fulfilled! I lost 14 kg in just 7 weeks! It’s just incredible. During this time, I completely renewed my wardrobe, but most importantly, I have a boyfriend now! Flowers, dates, moonlit walks! I thought this would never happen in my life! Knock on wood! I’m thinking of ordering another course. And repeat it after some time to consolidate or improve the result.

SLIM TEA ingredients

A premium beverage for your perfect body!

How Slim TeaPro Works

1 – 7 day

The metabolic process is boosted – your body starts burning more calories by using its own fat depts for energy. The sense of fatigue disappears.

7 – 14 day

The detox process starts accelerating – bloating is significantly reduced as well as water retention. You feel light and all the cravings are gone. The condition of the skin also improves.

14 – 21 day

There is a noticeable change in your overall appearance – the slimming has already started. Enjoy your better vision and journey to the perfect body!

NO Yo - Yo Effect

NO Hunger

NO Chemicals



Easy to Prepare

How to use SLIM TEA PRO

Boil 250 – 300 ml of water and pour it into a cup or bottle for tea

Add 3 gr (1 teaspoon) of Slim Tea Pro to the water and let it rest for 10min

Sieve (filter) it and Drink the tea 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before dinner.

The SLIM TEA PRO effect

Achieve your goals in 3 simple steps

Cleanses your body of toxins
Speeds up metabolism
Burns fat like HELL!

Guaranteed result or Money-back

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Frequently Asked Questions

SlimTeaPro helps women of all ages and body types achieve their weight-loss goals by detoxing their bodies. Our mix of premium ingredients work to boost metabolism and help the body burn off more calories at a faster rate. But not only. SlimTeaPro also helps cleanse the body of impurities and toxins, resulting in a flatter stomach, better digestion, rejuvenated skin, improved mood and sleep, and more energy.

When we start drinking SlimTeaPro our metabolism starts working faster – we burn more calories in a quicker pace and our body begins to use fat deposits as energy. Moreover, another action of the tea is to suppress appetite which helps us lose weight naturally – it’s not that we try not to eat, but that we feel satisfied with less food. And lastly: toxins cause us to gain weight and feel bloated, so SlimTeaPro helps detoxify our bodies so that they can start working at full speed, allowing us to feel and look great.

What happens after detox? Detox programs help extract bad stuff from the organism, thus getting rid of impurities and excess bodily fluids that cause swelling and impede metabolism. After the body is thoroughly cleansed, we might find we feel hungry a lot less often, which results in losing weight at a natural pace. On the other hand, proper detox helps cells regenerate, delaying the processes of aging and replenishing the skin. Once toxins are removed from the body, your metabolism starts working at a faster pace, shedding body fat for fuel. Another common effect of a detox program is that your appetite decreases and you feel full while eating less – in a natural way. Upping your potassium intake (Rooibos is incredibly rich in it) helps you lose water weight and eliminate bloating.

You may feel your appetite decreases and your craving for certain foods recedes. This is due to the natural appetite-reducing effect of some of the ingredients. Also, you may find yourself full of energy and wondering where to put it. In this case – a walk outside or a yoga class is always a great idea, you know.

You can drink it as long as you want, as it will help your body stay detoxed and maintain the ideal weight. The positive effects of the program multiply over time, so your body will thank you for drinking SlimTeaPro for longer. The main part of the body cleansing and the metabolic boost takes place during the first 28 days, but including SlimTeaPro in your everyday routine is a great way to keep your body clean, your metabolism fast, your energy levels high, and your skin smooth all the time.